Disney Cooking Adventure Week #5- Chicken Florentine Calzones

Hey everyone! I fell behind on posting again so in the next couple of days you will be seeing the last three weeks of Disney Cooking Adventures.

Two weeks ago, Emily and I made Chicken Florentine Calzones from the Lady and Tramp themed restaurant, Tony’s Town Square in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. We used a recipe from AllEars.net.

Chicken Florentine Calzones, Tony’s Town Square, Magic Kingdom


16 ounces chicken
3 ounces carmelized onion
6 ounces Ricotta cheese
16 ounces Mozzarella cheese
6 ounces cooked spinach
Pizza Crust


Cook and dice chicken. Cook and chop spinach. Mix all ingredients together and place in pizza crust. Wrap and bake at 375 for 25 minutes.

Final Product:

Take Aways:

This by far has been one of my favorite recipes we have tried. I would suggest making sure you don’t use too much ricotta (Emily didn’t like how much I added haha). The filling ends up being pretty juicy so the bottom of the calzone wasn’t completely crunchy but it still had really awesome flavor. It was a super simple recipe and I will definitely be making it again!

Do you have a Disney Parks recipe you would like to see us try? Leave a comment below and we will try to find a recipe for it!

Have A Magical Day!

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