Rant With Me: Disappointing Disney


You’re about to dive head first into the unorganized, rant-filled portion of my Disney-oriented mind- enjoy…or hate. Either way, feel free to join in on the ranting fun down below in the comments.

Disney is a huge part of my life and I have no doubt that it always will be. Sometimes it’s hard to step back from the magic and remember that Disney is ultimately a business and they need to make money. While I and many other Disney fans understand this, it’s hard to see Disney grasping for cash by whatever means possible. It wouldn’t be such a surprise if Disney wasn’t built on values of inclusion and immersive experiences.

Walt Disney wanted the Disney Parks to be a place for all families to go and spend time together surrounded by magic. Yet, the company as a whole has shifted away from these values, beyond what their mask would have you believe.

With the opening of Shanghai Disneyland last year, Disney faced a huge cost setback. The new park was significantly more expensive than they had imagined. This led to a strain on the domestic parks. Disneyland was facing huge crowding populations as well at this time. So, Disney raised the prices of Annual Passports, expanded block out dates, and implemented a new tiered system of ticket prices depending on how crowded each day of the year typically is. Essentially, they hoped to make more money, while discouraging visitors from being able to visit by breaking the $100 ticket barrier. This worked. Less people were seen at the parks because  guests could no longer afford to visit once or more a year. Now, Disney’s attendance at the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort have plummeted.

With less people entering the park daily Disney had to try to make money elsewhere. They turned to increased menu and souvenir prices. When this wasn’t enough they decided to offer “exclusive” cabanas in Magic Kingdom Park for $700/day. Image result for cabanas wdwThese glorified tents were huge eye sores, distracting from the magic, and essentially implemented a class system. “These people can afford cabanas and these people can’t”. Thankfully these were so unpopular they will be removed in February.

The examples go on and on. Check out this video from the DIS:

I love Disney and I hope they realize soon that their customer base is going to keep shrinking if they keep implementing policies and events that discourage people from attending the parks. Simply put, Disney is a business and they need to make money, but at the same time, they can’t make any money if people can’t afford to pay for Disney experiences.

What do you think? Are Disney’s actions totally justified? Or Should Disney find other ways to make money?

Have A Magical Day!


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