New Year, New Disney Adventure

Happy New Year everyone! Well, it’s 2017 and I guess it’s that time of year where everyone makes their new year’s resolutions they never really end up keeping. I’m hoping to avoid this trend by instead calling it my, “New Disney Adventure for 2017”.

So, I have decided that in 2017 I want to embark on a Disney cooking adventure and take you guys along with me. Now, I am not the greatest cook and I really haven’t spent a ton of time learning, but I figured there’s no time like the present to start! I am hoping to cook a different Disney Parks meal every week this year and my lovely sister/roommate will be joining me on this journey as my taste tester and motivator. Maybe I’ll even convince her to write a review or two on here!

I want to document each meal I make in some sort of form to share on this blog whether it be through a video on my YouTube channel or simple through a post straight here. Either way I plan on incorporating Sisters into this journey in hopes of keeping myself accountable.

Now I need your help. If anyone has any Disney Parks favorite meals or recipes they would like to see me try out, leave a comment below!

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2017. May your dreams come true and Disney magic fill your hearts!

Have A Magical Day!

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