Demolishing History

Preserving the things of the past has been one of the biggest priorities of the Walt Disney Company for as long as it has existed. Everything from attractions of yesterday in the parks to the ink and paint departments of the old studios, have had some piece of them saved for future generations to remember.

It appears that one huge part of Walt Disney’s story may soon be lost forever if action isn’t taken. Located at 4406 Kingswell Avenue in Los Feliz, California is the home of Walt’s aunt and uncle, Charlotte and Robert Disney. This home served as Walt’s first studio in July of 1923, when he was just getting off the ground, dreaming of being a film director and animator. He paid just $5 a week to rent a small room in the single story house, but the size of the room did not diminish his dreams one bit. From there we know Walt’s legacy, but it appears that this home, one of the first places Walt lived in in California, is set to be demolished. 

Sang Ho and Krystal Yoo of Studio City bought the house not that long ago and have already submitted permit requests to demolish the house to make way for a larger 2-story home to be built on the property. Back in November, the house was declared, “eligible for the National Register of Historic Places”, by the City of Los Angeles Survey L.A.

So, now the very same company who declared the home’s eligibility is set to process the permit for its demolition.  Action will have to be taken soon or the home that stayed in the Disney family for decades will be no more than a pile of historical wood and memories.

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