Rant With Me: If I Never Knew You


You’re about to dive head first into the unorganized, rant-filled portion of my Disney-oriented mind- enjoy…or hate. Either way, feel free to join in on the ranting fun down below in the comments.

Pocahontas is one of the best Disney movies that has ever been made. The character diversity and beautiful songs along with colorful and imaginative animation came together to make an awesome movie. Yet, I do have one thing that kind of bothers me about this movie. John Smith.

No, it’s not because he was not historically accurate or that he was voiced by Mel Gibson. No, my problem with his character is that in some ways he was just a bit underdeveloped. I was listening to Disney songs playlists on Youtube while studying the other day when I came to this realization. In my opinion, one of the best Disney songs ever written was a duet between John Smith and Pocahontas after he was captured by the Native Americans. The song is called, “If I Never Knew You”, check it out below.

If you don’t recognize it, don’t worry, it wasn’t included in the original release of the movie. In fact, the song didn’t appear in the movie until it came out of the Disney Vault for the 10th Anniversary edition. But this song does such an amazing job of summing up the relationship between John Smith and Pocahontas!

What bothers me about this song is how much it makes me miss its presents when I go to watch the movie now. I rewatched the movie on Netflix the other day hoping that it was the 10th anniversary edition but alas, it wasn’t. This song bothers me because it makes me love their relationship even more than before and without the song in the original film it actually makes John Smith seem so much more underdeveloped.

John Smith is a handsome character who does grow quite a bit throughout the movie. He learns about tolerance, love, and finding his purpose, but gosh it’s so great to see him pouring his heart out to her. John Smith shows he has come full circle with this song alone.

Anyways, I have a love-hate relationship with this song because it’s a fantastic song, but knowing it exists actually makes the movie seem a bit empty without it. I, along with the majority of the population, still love John Smith even though I wish I could have seen this song in the original release of the movie. pocahontas sighLooks like I am going to have to find a copy of the 10th anniversary edition to fully love this movie again. *Sigh*.

What do you think? Would you like me to rant about anything else? Let me know in the comments!

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