Rant With Me- Frozen


You’re about to dive head first into the unorganized, rant-filled portion of my Disney-oriented mind- enjoy…or hate. Either way, feel free to join in on the ranting fun down below in the comments.

Ah, I can already hear the “Let it go” comments forming. While we all love our Frozen puns I have some serious problems with the brand that is Frozen. Now, here’s the thing, I have no problem with the movie! It is well done, with beautiful songs and animation. There is no denying, just how cinematically incredible the film is. It’s what came after the film that bothers me.

No, you see my beef is with the brand that has been grown and shoved down our throats. Frozen is a story with so many wonderful elements that touch on real life problems such as: independence, familial love, anxiety, confidence, growing up, death, etc. There are so many nuances in this film that connect with the audience in multifaceted ways and teache life lessons. Yet, Frozen has grown so popular that it is being exploited as much as possible by the Walt Disney Company.

Yes. Many of us would love an Olaf plush or a singing Anna/Elsa doll. The problem lies in the fact that around every corner is some merchandise or event that is solely centered around Frozen. The Disney Parks have expanded the presence of Frozen in their parks ranging from small attractions, to E-ticket rides, to seasonal events. People around the world love this movie, including me, but it feels like all Frozen content is constantly flowing to the point where I dread hearing the songs or mentions of the characters.

The other thing is that Frozen is being so overly exploited for its popularity because it draws crowds and is a huge money maker. Yet, while this benefits the company, it tends to overshadow the best parts of the movie. The parts that teach children and adults to have confidence in themselves and to be more understanding to others along with so much more.

Expanding the Frozen brand isn’t just hurting the movie itself either, it takes the spotlight away from classic Disney movies like Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs; or even newer movies such as Tangled. Disney movies have always been created to evoke emotions and promote strong messages. So with the overshadowing of corporate branding, those messages are often left behind in order to make more money. In fact, the long running, incredibly popular Aladdin- A Musical Spectacular in DCA is being replaced by a Frozen Musical. During Christmas time a the WDW the Fairy Godmother used to light up the castle, but now Elsa does. The Maelstrom, a ride filled with the rich history of Norway is being replaced by a Frozen boat ride. The Frozen take over is starting to get a bit old.

Disney is smart because they are doing exactly what they should be doing with Frozen. They are milking their cash cow as much as they can and who can blame them? We all keep buying into it. I love Disney and I always have. It isn’t the corporation’s fault for people losing sight of the messages communicated. This generation is always focusing on the next best thing. So Disney has been able to continue to grow this brand because of the lovable characters and expansion.

I miss the old Disney characters. I miss having people enjoy a story simply because it beautifully done and had good morals to it. I’m sure we will be able to find that stuff once again. We may just have to look behind the Frozen merchandise to find it.

Have A Magical Day!

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