I Believe in A Magic Carpet Ride

I Believe in A Magic Carpet Ride

People travel every day. We hurry to and from destinations yet most of us underappreciate the magic of the actual travel itself. The fact is though, that half of the fun is just getting there! That’s why I believe in A Magic Carpet Ride.

Unfortunately, no, we don’t all have an actual magic carpet and a wise-cracking Genie to help us reach where we’re going. But what we lack in the magic department is completely made up for in our ability to view the world around us and use our imaginations. If Disney has taught me anything, it’s that we can’t forget about the small things along the way, often they end up being the most memorable! When we are on our magic carpet- ie a car, train, bus, plane, bike, etc- we can’t forget to enjoy that journey.

Take a look out a window, there’s a whole world out there for us to explore and we will miss it if we only focus on our destinations. You see this is how we can make traveling into a magic carpet ride. Some of my fondest memories are driving 10 long hours in the car to get to Disneyland with my family. The trip felt like forever every time, yet we learned more about each other and the world around us. My first glimpses of the state of California came from inside that car. The huge mountains, snow, redwoods, interstates that go on forever and so much more. Yet, some of the most exciting parts of those magic carpet rides have been spotting all of the Disney signs. The billboards and banners and finally the Disneyland Drive sign. I get to fully appreciate that journey knowing that I’m with the people that matter the most, seeing new things, and ultimately reaching the Happiest Place on Earth.

The next time you travel, I challenge you to take in as much as you can. Let your imagination light up, your heart take flight, and share a whole new world with whomever you would like! Life isn’t just about the destination, in fact, most of your life is spent traveling and journeying. Might as well enjoy it on your very own magic carpet ride.

 I Believe in A Magic Carpet Ride

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