Magic Bands and Monorails: 7 Ways Jurassic World Reminded Us of Disney Parks

June 15th, 2015- Yesterday we got the chance to see Universal’s Jurassic World and while this movie was not made by Disney Studios, we were still able to find many similarities in the movie and Disney Parks. Below is our list of elements from the movie that reminded us of Disney Parks.

1.) Naming the second park.

  • Disney: The first Disney Resort was Disneyland and the second was Disney World.


  • Movie: The first park was Jurassic Park and the second park was Jurassic World.

Jurassic World

2.) Magic Bands

  • Disney: Magic Bands are wristbands used for admittance into parks at Disney World.


  • Movie: Wrist bands were used in the same way for admittance to the park and each ride.

Jurassic Wristbands

3.) Monorail

  • Disney: The Monorail was first introduced in Disneyland and has been used in every park since.

disney monorail

  • Movie: Monorail technology was used to enter and tour the park.

Jurassic Monorail

4.) Cruise

  • Disney: In Disney parks there are a few ways to take a cruise; two ways that were similar to Jurassic World include the Canoes and Jungle Cruise.

disney canoes            disney jungle cruise

  • Movie: Jurassic World had an attraction in which guests could canoe through a dinosaur cruise.

Jurassic cruise

5.) Safari

  • Disney: At the Animal Kingdom Park in Disney World is there is an attraction called Kilimonjaro Safari.

disney safari

  • Movie: Jurassic World had a safari where people could see the dinosaurs up close.

Jurassic safari

6.) Dinosaur Dig Site

  • Disney: At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park near Primeval Whirl is a small area where people can pretend to be archaeologists and dig up dinosaur bones.

disney dino dig

  • Movie: In a portion of the park this same type of attraction existed.

Jurassic Dig

7.) Dinosaurs (ok we know this one is a little bit of a stretch)

  • Disney: In WDW an attraction based on the movie “Dinosaur” has many, many of these creatures I couldn’t help but think of this ride throughout the entire movie.

disney dinosaur

  • Movie: It’s a movie about a theme park with real dinosaurs… you do the math haha.

jurassic dinosaur


As you can see, even though this movie wasn’t made by Disney it still had many similarities and it was obvious that many of the attractions were inspired by those found in Disney Parks across the world. Do you like our movie to park comparisons? Leave a comment below!

Have A Magical Day!

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