Disney Bounding- Belle


May 5th, 2015- Deciding which character to DisneyBound as today was pretty easy. Since I am currently living in a college dorm room, I, like Belle, want much more than this provincial life.

When putting this outfit together I decided to go for the look Belle is most known for, her princess one. I chose a yellow shirt to resemble the gorgeous gown she wore to dance with the Beast one night in the Enchanted Castle. I also did my hair in a similar manor to hers by curling it and pulling half of it up. 


Belle wears large gold earrings so I chose large round earrings with a golden tinge to them.

20150505_114216belle earrings

Finally, since Belle is from France, I chose to finish the outfit off a charm bracelet that has France’s most famous monument on it, the Eiffel Tower. My bracelet also has a light pink rose on it that represents the enchanted rose from the film.


had so much fun putting this outfit together and I can’t wait to do more! What character would you like to see me DisneyBound as next? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to like and share with your friends!

Have a Magical Day!


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