Disney Buys Hotel for $32 Million

The Carousel Inn and Suites


April 30th, 2015- The Orange County Register reported today that the Walt Disney Company recently acquired a well-known piece of property directly across the street from the Disneyland Resort.

The Carousel Inn and Suites, a 5 floor, 131-room hotel was recently sold to the Walt Disney Company for $32 million dollars. The sale was made final on March 23rd. Disneyland spokesperson Suzi Brown stated that “current management will continue to operate the Carousel Inn.” The acquisition of this hotel located on Harbor Boulevard across the street from the famed resort was a bit of a surprise especially since the company kept the transaction a secret until almost a month later. Disney made no further comments as to what the purpose or plans for their recent purchase is other than that the purchase can be characterized as a “strategic investment”. Now let the speculation begin.

It is very obvious that the Disneyland Resort has pretty much run out of room to expand its borders. In recent years, parking lots of been ripped up to make way for new attrations and lands. The Eeyore parking lot used to occupy the space where the Indiana Jones attraction now resides. Most recently, the Timon parking lot was removed to make way for the California Adventure Expansion of Carsland.

When Walt Disney opened the park in 1955 there were no others properties surrounding it. So, at the time, Disneyland was going to have space to expand as long as the land around it wasn’t bought up. Lo and behold, the park became a much bigger success than ever imagined and pretty soon Disneyland Park was boxed in by other hotels, motels, restaurants, etc. In 1964, when Walt began looking for a place to build Walt Disney World, he made sure that this would not be a problem again.

Walt Disney World is the perfect example of well planned out land purchasing. The resort is huge, housing not only the 6 theme parks but also, dozens of Disney owned hotels. Just a couple years ago Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom was completely redone and expanded. This made room for 2 more castles along with mutliple restaurants, and attractions. 

Over the years Disney has expressed interest in the land surrounding the Disneyland Resort. The hotels surrounding the resort I am sure will not sell to Disney cheap if they plan to keep buying up property. The question these hotel owners are going to have to ask themselves is if the profit of selling will outweight the profit of staying in their prime locations directly across the street from the Disneyland Resort. Although, the acquisition of this hotel may be the beginning of a resort expansion that Disneyland so desperately needs. As of right now, the Walt Disney Company has no further plans for the property. Only time will tell what Disney plans to Imagineer. 

What do you think Disney has planned for this new property? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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