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April 30th 2015- As Buzzfeed once put it, “Disney Bounding is when Disney fans dress up as contemporary versions of their favorite characters. It’s basically closet cosplay at its finest – prepare to swoon with jealousy.”

Today I decided to Disney Bound as Alice from the 1951 Disney film, Alice in Wonderland, based on the book by Lewis Caroll. I took inspiration for my outfit not only from Alice’s appearance but also from the many crazy things she saw in Wonderland after her trip down the rabbit hole.











I decide to wear a dark blue peplum shirt to resemble Alice’s dress. I paired this with a white vest that is similar to her apron. My white shorts represent her underskirt and tights. The outfit was finished off with black shoes and a black bow that Alice can never be seen without.

My jewelry and accents in my clothes represent some interesting things Alice found along her journey through Wonderland. I chose butterfly earrings to symbolize the “bread and butterflies” from the movie.              










My vest contains embroidered flowers and since “you can learn a lot of things from the flowers”, I thought this was the perfect choice.



Finally my golden owl necklace represents the song “Golden Afternoon” sung by the flowers in the garden that Alice met along with the accordion owl she came across on her path in the dark part of the forest.

Accordion Owl

What character would you like to see me Disney Bound as next? Leave a comment below and remember to share this blog with your friends!

Have A Magical Day!


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